Journal of Vascular Access

WoCoVA is pleased to announce that after close collaboration during the past WoCoVA conferences, we now have an official affiliation with Wichtig, the publisher of the Journal of Vascular Access (JVA).

The Journal of Vascular Access, (JVA) is issued six times per year; it considers the publication of original manuscripts dealing with clinical and laboratory investigations in the fast growing field of vascular access.

All contributions, coming from all over the world, undergo the peer-review process.

In addition reviews, case reports and clinical trials are welcome, as well as papers dedicated to more practical aspects covering new devices and techniques.
The Journal of Vascular Access is divided into independent sections, each led by Editors of the highest scientific level JVA

• Dialysis
• Oncology
• Interventional radiology
• Nutrition
• Nursing
• Intensive care


A special discounted two-year on line subscription for WoCoVA participants will be Euro 98,00* (VAT included), including access to any current issue, to all ahead-of-print publications and to archives dating back to year 2002

*The real individual on line subscription rate for 1 year is Euro 191,00

A special discounted two year print subscription for WoCoVA participants will be Euro 134,00 (VAT included), including 6 regular printed issues + all printed supplements produced each year + free access on line + shipping charges

*The real individual print + online subscription for 1 year is Euro 285,00 for Europe and Euro 329,00 for Other Countries

Subscription can be submitted together with registration for the next congresses.


The abstracts / posters of each WoCoVA congress will be available on line on the journals website prior to the congress
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