New Sponsor: Lineus Medical

US-based company Lineus Medical is a new face at WoCoVA 2018. They have joined WoCoVAs pool of sponsors, thus contributing to the success of the congress. A couple of years ago registred nurse Spencer Jones became frustrated as the patients under his care repeatedly dislodged their peripheral intravenous line (IV). Most of the time the dislodgement was an accident, but sometimes patients pulled them out on purpose. He came up with the idea of creating a controlled separation in an IV line, so that the harmful forces would not pull out the IV catheter. His patented product was launched as ‘SafeBreak’, and the company has been rapidly growing ever since.

When a patient (by accident or on purpose) excercises pulling force across the IV line, it may dislodge. This may be a painful and costly affair. Lineus Medical’s ‘Safebreak’ creates a controlled separation. The benefits are obvious: the IV can be saved, the patient avoids a restick, the nurse can do value added work, the hospital saves money and everyone saves the stress, time and expense involved with an IV restart. This simple idea is well explained in the company’s promotional video:

WoCoVA is happy to host Lineus Medical at their 5th congress, and hope that you will take the opportunity to visit Lineus Medical’s booth to familiarize yourself with ‘Safebreak’, to find out what it can do for your work.

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