Criteria VA education

In different countries we see trainers and lectures who offer a vascular access training program. The content of the programs have a great variation in content and level of quality. There is no control on the level of accuracy and a lack of certification.
Based on the need for clear criteria for Vascular Access educational programs, a WoCoVA task force was formed with a few well known experts in education and VA training:
Nancy Moureau
Massimo Lamperti
Robert Dawson
Linda Kelly
Mauro Pittiruti
Ton van Boxtel

The assignment for the task force:
-  Define a set of criteria that should be met to have WoCoVA approval for educational and training programs throughout the world, based on the most resent research and best practice
-  Advise WoCoVA on implementation strategies of the criteria and ways to improve vascular access educational programs both theoretical and practical
The results of the project were published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, January 29, 2013