Film Festival

WoCoVA 2016 Lisbon Film Festival Sessions

The WoCoVA Film Festival sessions create an opportunity to visually present clinical skills and procedures along with the patient experience relevant to vascular access. This years Film Festivals aim to stimulate discussion and critical debate and in so doing enhance the clinical practice of vascular access and related therapies. Your Film can be about a clinical procedure or patient experience. Where possible we encourage you to liaise with your hospital film and media department.


Video design

Each Video should have a specific idea or purpose for the viewers’ education and professional development. For example, sterile technique might be the focus or main idea of the video and so filming is done in such a manner as to highlight this issue. Others may include the patient narrative and you may want to focus on the patient experience with a vascular access device in a particular healthcare setting. The videography and narration should focus on your main idea. Each video should be no longer than 5 minutes and include an introduction, the main subject or content and a conclusion. The use of voiceover or narration during the footage is recommended.


Video techniques

Careful attention to detail is necessary to provide an educational film. Planning your shoot will be necessary to produce a quality product. Develop a story/script to cover your main idea and elements to be included in the film including narration.

Consider location, space, zoom ability and lighting.  Remove items that you do not want in the camera view.  Lighting may need to be modified to prevent shadows that may obscure viewing the main idea or subject. Consider using a stabilizer or tripod to provide a better quality video. Remember to plan your video so you know ahead of time when you will zoom in and when you will narrate. Try a practice video first. Just like in the movies you might have to do a couple of takes and pick the best one.


Required Elements

Patient consent and any individuals who appear on film is required.

We are aware that video can be more difficult to compile compared to print or photo media but can have a greater impact, and be meaningful for the viewer. We have provided guidelines and suggestions to assist you in your video file development and submission.

If you have raw footage and need help assembling the footage into a video, we would be willing to provide the help. The Film Festivals will be much better with your submissions. Please send any video submissions to:

Filmfestival pete&jack

LR; Pete Carr and Jack LeDonne at the Hong Kong WoCoVA film festival 2015. Both will chair the Film Festivals this year in Lisbon.