The 6th WoCoVA VIRTUAL was a great success. If you missed it, you can still register for the upcoming 3 weeks. Everything is available to watch online until the 21st of May, 2021. If you haven’t registered yet, REGISTER NOW.

If you did register, you can login here to the Virtual Congres for the upcoming 3 weeks until  the 21st of May, 2021 to see and re watch everything.

For a video impression of the 6th WoCoVA VIRTUAL, click on the image below.

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The 6th WoCoVA Virtual Congress Brochure is ready for you to read online or download the PDF.

If you registered for the 6th WoCoVA, keep an eye on your email for the POST DIGITAL CONGRESS BAG, with the option to obtain your certificate of attendance.


WoCoVA has grown in 10 years to much more than just a congress. In order to better organize the efforts and actions in the field of vascular access it was decided that there should be an overarching organization to cover all activities that are nowadays executed. The Global Vascular Access Network (GloVANet) umbrella organization was created with WoCoVA being the largest and most important activity. Other areas which can be found within GloVANet are Education & Training, Data & Research and Other Events & Projects.

GloVANet aims to be the worldwide network to enhance global awareness on vascular access and improve patient care.
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Because it took longer before the latest research and developments could be presented at the 6th WoCoVA, we looked for a new way to keep the WoCoVA community alive and connected. On the 17th and 18th of June GloVANet offered a 2 day online event to update everyone interested on vascular access on the topic of VA and COVID-19 patients.
Rewatch WoCoVA live! of June 17 and 18.

‘Meet the Experts’ is a GloVANet/WoCoVA online educational learning opportunity on Vascular Access topics of interest. In order not to have an information vacuum due to postponing the 6th WoCoVA, four ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions were held between September 2020 and the virtual 6th WoCoVA congress in April 2021. Each session contained 2 topics of each 45 minutes.
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