6th WoCoVA

Since it takes longer before we can offer the latest research and developments in the 6th WoCoVA in Athens, Greece, we looked for a new way to keep the WoCoVA community alive and connected.

With an online program at 17-18 June we offered an update on vascular access for COVID-19 patients.

As already announced during the WoCoVA Live event, we continue with 4 bimonthly 90 minute sessions with the most relevant topics derived from the WoCoVA Live questions and suggestions.

The first Meet the Experts session is planned for September. Topic and speaker will be announced soon.


The 6th WoCoVA will focus on the same topics as originally planned. With the experiance of the 1st WoCoVA online program, we plan to offer registration with an extended virtual and physical program.

With the same theme: “The Power of a Team”, we look forward to use the optimal network opportunities and to meet many vascular access specialists live, in your home or in your office.

We are all using online tools to communicate, but meeting friends, colleagues and vascular access (VA) specialists is of high value as we are experiencing the restrictions during this COVID-19 crisis.
For those who already registered for June 2020, we move all registrations to 2021 or work on refunding your registration  fee if you are not able to attend in person.

Since we are getting more and more used to online meetings and communication, WoCoVA as part of the Global Vascular Access Network (GloVANet), will offer a program that offers both:  networking and sharing of knowledge.

The updated program will be available soon, together with the option to register for 6th WoCoVA in Athens in Greece, or online.

To enhance the organizational structure and visibility of the global vascular access network, all parts of the global network will be named: Global Vascular Access network. WoCoVA, being the largest and most important network event, will be part of the GoVANet umbrella organization.

GoVANet with the biennial WoCoVA congresses and Special events, Committees, Education, Research and Projects,  will be the worldwide network to enhance global awaremess on vascular access and improve patient care.

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