5th World Congress on Vascular Access!

The 5th World Congress of Vascular Access was held in Copenhagen, June 20-22th, 2018, highlighting global vascular access issues, technology advances, evidence-based practices and of course a great opportunity to network with professionals from all around the world.

This unique multi-disciplinary and multi-professional event (with attendees from more than 50 countries), covered all aspects of vascular access: indications for the choice of the device, insertion techniques, tip location methods and prevention and management of all vascular access device (VAD) related complications, such as infection, thrombosis, and occlusion.

Topics on safety, cost effectiveness, care excellence and efficiency in vascular access, as well as the demand for globally shared guidelines for the clinical practice were part of the WoCoVA scientific program.

Scientific and educational sessions to share experiences and to learn about future trends and innovations in the area of vascular access were offered in this program.


Thanks to all participants, sponsors and supporters.

We had a great 5th WoCoVA in Copenhagen!

The WoCoVA team

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