Athens City Information

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece

Athens is also a contemporary city, and it’s not uncommon for the nightlife hubs of Kolonaki, Psiri and Gazi to stay busy until dawn. Some areas of the city are pedestrian-only, such as the winding lanes of the Plaka neighborhood, lined with cafes, traditional tavernas and neoclassical houses. Near Syntagma Square, whose Old Royal Palace houses Greece’s parliament, is the Ermou shopping boulevard. Here, fashion boutiques mix with stores selling silver and handmade art.

The Grand Promenade walkway, created for the 2004 Olympics, circles the Acropolis, passing fabled remains such as the crumbling Ancient Agora of Athens complex

Athens facts

40% of the total population of Greece lives in Athens. That is making Athens as the largest and the most densely populated city of Greece. The existence of Ecclesia is the proof that makes Athens the principal assembly of the Democracy.  In all history, Athens has implemented every form of administration till date, whether democracy, capitalism, socialism or communism.

The Athens Planetarium of The Eugen Foundation, is one of the largest and best equipped digital planetarium of the world. Athens is one of the most sunny cities of the World, a place where sun shines about 270 days per year.

Athens City Pass

The Athens City Pass offers free admission to Athens main sights, museums, tours and the public transport and features also further discounts. It covers a free and fast track entry to the Acropolis and a hop-on-hop-of bus tour around the city. The amount of sights included depends on the version (Mini, Classic and Complete) with Complete covering the highest amount of attractions of the three available options. The Athens City Pass Classic and Complete feature even a practical map and a travel brochure.

Electric plugs

Please refer to the illustrations and see the electric plugs that are common in Greece. The plugs include the ‘type-F plug’ and ‘type-C plug’.

Emergency numbers (phone)

100 – Police
108 – Coast Guard
166 – Urgent medical assistance
199 – Fire Brigade
112 – EU emergency call number

Athens electricity plugs illustration


The first sign of spring in Athens begins to appear in March. The average temperature in March is 13°C (56 F).


The official language of Greece is Greek, spoken by 99% of the population. In addition, a number of non-official, minority languages and some Greek dialects are spoken as well. The most common foreign languages learned by Greeks are English, German, French and Italian.

The Best Of Athens


The Megaron Athens International Conference Centre is situated at the corner of Vas. Sofias Avenue and Kokkali St.

If you come by taxi, just tell the driver you want to the Concert Hall. He won’t need any further directions!

You can also get here by public transport from any part of Athens:

  • By metro, it’s just two minutes from the Concert Hall Metro Station to the door of the Concert Hall
  • By bus, buses Ε14, Α5 and 550 stop right in front of the Concert Hall
  • By electrically driven bus, buses 10 and 3 stop right in front of the Concert Hall

Visitors to Athens can easily find the Concert Hall:

  • From the airport you can take bus Χ95, or a 35 minute ride on the Metro will bring you to the Concert Hall
  • From the railway station, it’s just 30 minutes to the Concert Hall Metro station
  • From Piraeus it’s just a few minutes ride on the Metro.



If you come by car you can park in the Concert Hall’s new three-level parking facility. The entrance is on Kokkali St.