WoCoVA 2019

Sao Paulo

SIAV, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A Brazilian Vascular access group headed by Claudia Luz together with Kathy Kokotis (BD) suggested WoCoVA to have a symposium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
This resulted in an agreement for a mutual SIAV / WoCoVA Special Event program to be held in the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With a great enthusiasm, this was worked on and the final date for the 3rd WoCoVA Special Event was set to July 17th is conjunction with the 5th SIAV VA symposium. The WoCoVA SE program presented a summary of the 2018, 5th WoCoVA in Copenhagen, Denmark.Many clinicians from both Albert Einstein and other hospitals in `Brazil attended the WoCoVA/SIAV congress and a large representation of VA related companies were offering support and presenting their products.

To support clinicians in improving VA practice, WoCoVA offered a free registration to the 6th WoCoVA in Athens, Greece. The lucky winner is RACHEL MURARI SCARAZZATO. She is a pediatric ICU nurse at the University Hospital of the University of Sao Paulo.