Criteria for Vascular Access Education

Vascular access training programs are delivered in various countries by trainers and lecturers from different backgrounds. The content of these trainings is not standardized and the level of quality varies between trainings. Also, no agreement exists on the level of accuracy nor on certification of these training programs. To tackle these differences, a taskforce was composed of vascular access professionals with both
educational and training skills. This taskforce included the following members:

  • Nancy Moureau (chairperson)
  • Massimo Lamperti
  • Robert Dawson
  • Linda Kelly
  • Mauro Pittiruti
  • Ton van Boxtel

The taskforce’s goals were:

  • to define criteria for educational and training programs throughout the world, based on the most resent research and best practice, that meet WoCoVAs standards;
  • to advise WoCoVA on implementation strategies of these educational and training criteria and
  • to advise on the improvement of vascular access educational programs, both theoretical and practical.

The taskforce’s criteria resulted in the publication of the following paper:

Evidence-based consensus on the insertion of central venous access devices: definition of minimal requirements for training (British Journal of Anaesthesia, January 29, 2013, doi:10.1093/bja/aes499)