About WoCoVA

WoCoVA (World Congress on Vascular Access) is a nonprofit organization registered in The Netherlands. WoCoVA organizes seminars and congresses all around the world, focusing on vascular access, aiming to share knowledge and to improve vascular access techniques.

WoCoVAs specialized Global Committee and Scientific Committee seek to offer to a variety of scientific programs, workshops and product presentations, delivered by highly skilled and experienced industry experts.

The Board of the Foundation is small yet effective, only to support committees, initiate projects and report to connected organizations and the authorities in the Netherlands.

The WoCoVA board has the following members

  • Chairperson: Ton van Boxtel. RN, VA-BC, MSc
  • Secretariat: Ing Jacoline Zilverentant
  • Treasurer: Ir Corine de Blank

History of WoCoVA

WoCoVA (World Congress on Vascular Access) was established in 2009 as a foundation to create an independent international platform to organize worldwide congresses on vascular access. A year later, in 2010, the first congress took place, bringing together vascular access professionals from all around the globe.

Following the success of this first congress, WoCoVA organized new international congresses in 2012 and 2014, highlighting new vascular access issues, technology advances, evidence-based practices and offering networking opportunities with experienced professionals.

Operating behind the scene, WoCoVAs board supports committees, initiates projects and reports to connected organizations as well as to the authorities in The Netherlands.

Impression of WoCoVA 2016 (Lisbon, Portugal)
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