Keynote speaker at WoCoVA 2018: Didier Pittet

Didier Pittet (20 March 1957, Geneva, Switzerland) is an infectious diseases expert and director of the Infection Control Programme and WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, University Hospital of Geneva.

Within the World Health Organization (WHO), he has been leading, since 2005, a worldwide campaign to make alcohol-based hand disinfection an international standard of health care. Every day, an estimated 500,000 patients are infected each day throughout the world. 20 to 50,000 die as a result. Didier Pittetbelieves hand hygiene using alcohol-based handrubs can reduce the number of infections (and related deaths), by 50%.

In 2007, Didier Pittet was made Commander of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II. Today, his name is being mentioned as a possible candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Didier is also working for the International Consortium for Prevention & Infection Control, ICPIC. With slightly more participants than WoCoVA, the 4th ICPIC congres took place last June in Geneva. On the occassion of this congress, Didier introduced himself in this video:

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