WoCoVA likes to document each congress with photos and video images! Some of the side-activities are also covered. Photos and videos are mainly used for internal, promotional purposes, and are not shared with third parties. They also help to show first-time participants what to expect, as well as to share memories on past events. Click on any of the pictures below to jump to the related congress.

WoCoVA 2018 | Copenhagen

Photography by Lex van Groningen |

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WoCoVA 2016 | Lisbon (Portugal)

Photography by Lex van Groningen |

WoCoVA 2015 Special Event | Hong Kong (China)

Photography by Terence Tang | TC Tang Image House

WoCoVA 2014 | Berlin (Germany)

Photography by Lex van Groningen |

WoCoVA 2012 | Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Photography by Lex van Groningen |

WoCoVA 2010 | Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Photography by Lex van Groningen |

The WoCoVA photographer is working for you!

  • If you have any special requests, as an individual (participant) or a company (vendor), please get in touch with our photographer, who will try to accommodate your request(s).
  • Vendors or other companies who wish to have pictures or video taken (e.g. of their booth, sponsored activity) are recommended to get in touch with WoCoVA prior to the event (the earlier the better), to discuss possibilities. A modest fee may apply.
  • Should you object to be included on photographs – no problem! Please inform the WoCoVA photographer.
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WoCoVA respects your privacy and will only contact you
when there is important information to share with you.