WoCoVA likes to document each congress with photos and video! Some of theĀ side-activities are also covered. Photos and videos are mainly used for internal, promotional purposes, and are not shared with third parties. They also help to show first-time participants what to expect, as well as to share memories on past events. Below are the video clips that were recorded for WoCoVA.

WoCoVA 2016 | Lisbon (Portugal)

Trailer WoCoVA 2016 : Lisbon [04:30]

WoCoVA2016 , Lisbon, Portugal [02:51]
Video: Editing: Linleilai

Impression of WoCoVA 2016 [02:25]

WoCoVA 2014 | Berlin (Germany)

WoCoVA 2014, by 3M (sponsor)