WoCoVA increases VA collaboration with China

Last August 2019, a two-day meeting including a symposium, was organised to discuss the initiative for a dedicated vascular access organisation in China. The initiative was first named: CIVA (China International Vascular Access).

The first day discussion was based on a presentation on the history, present and future of WoCoVA, delivered by the WoCoVA president. The main focus of the first day was to obtain a better understanding of the future relationship between China and WoCoVA. The discussion was concluded with a press conference. News of the initiative was picked up by a number of press agencies, including Xinhua, the biggest and most influential media organization in China.

Ton van Boxtel opened the symposium as keynote speaker. Most attendees were Chinese vascular access specialists, and many more attended online, through a video-conferencing connection. Key presenters included Josie Stone (Global Committee president), prof. Sun Hong, Zhao Linfang and other Chinese experts who covered a wide range of topics on vascular access.

In the months ahead, CIVA and WoCoVA will work on a number of key points:

  • Establish the formal membership of the China Vascular Access initiative of WoCoVA
  • To have an official launch of the Chinese Vascular Access Society
  • To build a long lasting relationship for improving vascular access in China