Global Committee

The Global Committee is a permanent and rapidly growing group of representatives from countries all over the world. Its members are the main source of input for WoCoVA. The main responsibilities of the Global Committee members are to:

  • provide evidence of promoting WoCoVA to other professional groups though advertising in local journals, lecturing at professional meetings and other gatherings;
  • inform WoCoVA on how to connect with other local vascular access related organizations, or how to improve communication with such organizations;
  • to encourage clinicians to attend WoCoVA’s congresses or or by promoting the Group rate with supporting evidence;
  • to link with industry partners who may be interested to exhibit at the congress;
  • to assist with the list of speakers and references;
  • to sponsor attendees to the congress
  • to promote WoCoVA on both private and professional social media platforms, such as forums, Facebook and Twitter, but also on professional websites or company advertisements;
  • to engage with past WoCoVA attendees who may be interested to document their experiences for WoCoVA’s web site;
  • and to create and locally distribute posters which help to promote WoCoVA.

Global Committee members

Josie Stone
Josie StoneUSA
Independent Consultant
Chair of the Global Committee of WoCoVA
name of company
+1 (801) 557-0670
Member of AVA